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Crisana's Reality

The Lonely - Tara Brown What an amazing ride this book was. I read it too fast and when it was finished I regretted not taking longer to read it and savour it as it deserves to be savoured. It goes straight to my Faves shelf and I know I will be reading this book again and again.
I admit I didn't read the blurb before starting this book and I still haven't read it after finishing it. Sometimes I just like to start a book with a clean sheet, no expectations of any kind. But even without reading the blurb or any of the reviews I confess I was expecting a nice New Adult kind of book with some angst and a happy ending, the kind of book to fill in a lazy Saturday afternoon. I got so much more than that as this book just punched me right in the stomach, it wasn't what I expected it to be at all, it was dark and gritty and the characters are very real and so not perfect. Actually they are quite far from it.
Eli is not your typical alpha male and his actions throughout the whole book will give you mixed feelings and are not easy to justify even though sometimes the end does justifies the means. Emalyn has so many issues and is beyond broken and to learn more about how she became the way she has is a hard journey but one I enjoyed going through with her. These two will make you go on a wild, dark and sometimes not pretty ride.
I will leave it as this because this is one of those books that it's best to go into without any spoilers, it's an amazing book and deserves to be read without any preconceived ideas.
I saw that there is a book coming out in Eli's POV, I need me some more dark, sexy, domineering, broken Eli in my life! Can I have this book now please? I'll beg ;)