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Crisana's Reality

Comfort Food - Kitty Thomas This book just messed me all up, it made me think things I didn't want to think and made me feel things I definitely did not want to feel.
I've read some reviews and a few have stated that Emily was weak, gave up too soon and didn't really put up much of a fight. I didn't see it that way. In my reading I'm not really looking to read only about strong, nice, witty people. And both characters were far from it. But I enjoyed their story a lot.
In real life there are all sorts of people, so I like to see that in the books that I read. The ones with characters that act differently from what is the "norm" are the ones that speak to me more. I want to see inside their heads, I want to see what makes these characters tick, what makes them think and act the way they do. I got all that and much more with this book and that is why I enjoyed it so much.
I wasn't expecting romance and I didn't get romance. But I got an amazing book that made me feel a bit messed up at the end and I do enjoy a book that does that to me.