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Crisana's Reality

Finding Never - C.M. Stunich This book was in some ways better than the first. I really enjoyed seeing Never and Ty getting to know each other better. It was really heart warming to see how much Ty loves and supports Never and how strong he is throughout the whole book even though he has his own unresolved issues. We get a glimpse of Ty's background but everything about his past is pretty much in the open and I hope we get to see this in the last book of the trilogy.
Never's interaction with her family was quite sweet (except her horrible mom!) and it was really nice to see her reconnect with these people that love her even when there are a lot of unresolved past problems and misunderstandings.
The reason why I'm not giving this book 5 starts is Noah freakin Scott! I didn't really like the way Never was around him and how she couldn't just be honest with him about Ty. This is maybe because I don't really like books with love triangles and feel that there are better things to write about in a book to keep the readers attention but this is just my personal opinion.
Overall this is a great read and I can't wait to read the final book and see more of Ty. I must confess that Ty is one of my fave male characters and is the main reason why I'm enjoying this series so much.